January 7, 2020

Heather Turner Loth: Workplace Strategy Leader at Eppstein Uhen Architects

One of the very first things Heather told me was that she could perform Itsy Bitsy Spider in Finnish (and oh yes, she did sing it for me). Another initial discovery Heather and I uncovered together was, I’m sorry Heather I have to say it, she could be my mother. Heather, mid-stroke after hearing that, shared a laugh with me about her being my teen mom, and I said I wouldn’t add this to the published interview. Well, I didn’t pinky promise I wouldn’t so I owe you a drink Heather :)

Ayla : Where are you from?

Heather Turner Loth: The Ohio State (yes, she did say “the”)

A: What do you do for work?

HTL: I lead workplace strategy for EUA and business development for the corporate workplace. I help with the alignment of the company's business objectives and put the why behind the design and culture of organization.

A:  If money were no object, what would you do all day?

HTL: Travel!  (She's been to five countries so far)

A: What’s your number one pet peeve?

HTL: Lack of authenticity! Being in the world of bus development, it's more than you just giving someone a lead. You have to build trust, know one another, and if you just want to seek leads out for me? That’s icky.

A:What podcasts are you listening to right now?

HTL: Rachel Hollis's “Rise,” and also "Rise Together" featuring her husband David.

A:Favorite Hoan event?

HTL: The Women’s Retreat with Lori Richards! But I love the private dinners. It connects people in different ways than anticipated - that’s the secret sauce for the group.

A:Connection you’re thankful for that you wouldn’t have made without Hoan?

HTL: C.J. Krawczyk

A: What’s it like being a working mom?

HTL: Hard as shit and moments of feeling guilty. But I just remember that I'm also a role model for what they can be. Recently my son was opening gifts and it was a racetrack set. Well one of the cars was broken and he came up to me with the car and said, "Here Mom, fix this. I know you can because you;re an engineer." So that got me thinking that ok- what we’re doing is not detrimental to my children. I equate mommy works hard so we can do things like going to Florida and Disney. I'm helping my kids understand we work hard then play hard as a family. And when I'm home, I try to be present. Off emails, laptop, phone. Like let’s do dance parties in the kitchen! We like to do that alot. So being a working mom is hard as shit, but it’s also setting a good example for them for the future.

A:Favorite book? What book are you reading right now?

HTL: I hate reading. I actually despise it, so I usually listen to books on audio (aka: she's a cheater). But I was reading Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. But, I did read the Hunger Games so I'd have to say those are my favorite.

A: Best happy hour no one knows about?

HTL: I suck at these… so my favorite is any place with a good vibe. I don’t pay attention to the name, but I remember the people and time when I was was with them. But there's this place called  “At Random” in Bayview. They're ice cream drinks, cash only. And they're only open "at random."

A: What tv series are you watching right now?

HTL: The Crown! But I love Survivor. Survivor is all about having strategy and building trust.

A: If you could go back and tell your younger self a bit of advice what would you say?

HTL: Be patient, and other people's opinions of you are none of your business.

If you want to know more about Heather, or ask her about the questions I didn't include in the blog post, email her at: heathertl@eua.com!

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