April 8, 2020

Graham Baxter: Vice President Wealth Advisor

Ayla: What do you do?

Graham: Vice President Wealth Advisor at Johnson Financial Group.

What do you like about your job?

G: I get to help people make financial decisions- anything from budgeting and cash flow, to estate planning or asset allocation.

What's a piece of advice you could give someone regardless of how many assets they had?

G:  First off, the most important is expense management. Having control of this helps with flexibility and living within your means and lifestyle. Another is debt management- student loans, mortgages. And then any revolving debt you have like credit cards. Managing that is a good way to make sure you don't get under water. Having an emergency savings is an issue among the younger demographic. When emergencies happen or you need new tires, you can get into high risk and interest credit cards. Emergency savings help you get access to the things you need to get by in case of unforeseen events.

What did you go to school for?

G: I went to school for general business. I was interested in finance, and was fascinated with stock market and learning about what made companies successful.

Why banking?

G: I got into banking into college, one of the best ways to get to know people and make money. I was interested in learning about successful businesses, what make them successful, and how people can connect their passion to their livelihood and find fulfillment

Once I learned that I decided if I stay with banking the more I'll learn about the nuts and bolts of businesses. The underlying factor is banking gets me to meet people, get to know them and getting to help them.

What was your dream job?

G: I wanted to be a political cartoonist. Politcal cartoons are very powerful.

Are you a good artist, then?

G: I'm a crappy drawer.

Do you have kids?

G: Yes, two. Camren who is four and Owen who is one an a half.

Do you have a favorite book?

G: Not really a favorite, but I just finished Atomic Habits.

Did you ever have a favorite teacher?

G: I can't think of anyone that's ever inspired me in any certain direction. But i love meeting people and helping them in a way where i can be a mentor for a transition of knowledge, something I wish the older generation would do more of.

Why did you join Hoan?

G:  It goes back to Newaukee days with Ian in 2008. Newaukee was founded to get to know the city and that evolved into how can we make an impact and leverage with this following that we were able to grow? I became a disconnected a little from Newaukee and I still support their mission and vision for the city, but I think Hoan is more much impactful. Its invested into the city, invested in the growth, and even invested into the state connecting Madison and Milwaukee in overcoming historical hurdles, and making the change we want to see. What's been so cool is that you can connect people at Hoan- there's certain things I can hep with and certain things I can't, but knowing people in the group is has super valuable and rewarding.

Do you want to see Hoan get bigger?

G: I like Hoan where it is at. It has a good number and a great group. I think this is the best group for making real things happen and making an impact.

To learn more about Graham, follow him on LinkedIn or email him: gbax2000@gmail.com

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