August 6, 2018

Dana Guthrie: Product Manager at Johnson Controls

Dana Guthrie Stats:

Chronic Netflix Binger (me, too Dana)

The Best Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker

Dog Mom to Drake the Scruffy Pom Mix

St. Louis Native

Dana and I sat at a bar top at Colectivo where most of our interview included talking about the best Netflix documentaries, and sharing some of our most embarrassing moments. Thanks Dana for taking the time to sit down and chat!  

Ayla: So what do you do?

Dana: I'm a product manager at Johnson Controls. I help in setting the vision and strategy and business case for future releases of their building automation software. I've worked there for 12 years, and I started as an intern.

A: Where are you from originally?

D: St. Louis, Missouri.

We got in a tangent about Emu's Pizza. Hoanies, if you're ever in STL, head to Emu's. You won't be disappointed.

A: What was your first ever job?

D: Dairy Queen! I'm the best blizzard and cake decorator that you’ll ever meet.

A: How do you envision Milwaukee in the next 5-years?

D: Just as a lively, cultured city that attracts people of different backgrounds and gives them all the same opportunities for success. I’m imagining a blend of huge tech, arts, food scenes along with the big corporations that are already here. And selfishly, it would be convenient to have a high-speed rail going through Chicago to St. Louis, so I could visit my family more often

A: Best piece of advice you've ever received?

D: The world does not revolve around you nor does it owe you anything. Whatever you want, you have to go get it. This is something my mom instilled in me very early on as a kid, so I’m not sure why it didn’t come to me during our conversation. But it’s always stuck with me.

A: If you had to present something with no preparation, what would it be?

D: Basketball. Specifically, the art of being a point or shooting guard. I know it like the back of my hand.

A: What do you love about Hoan?

D: The connections and the people. Every event and every person is so open and welcoming. And these are people who are doing amazing things in Milwaukee! To be able to connect and learn about the great things they're doing- because we're so busy sometimes you know, and it's nice to come up for some breath and take time to see all the amazing things they have going on.

A: What skill would you like to master?

D: To sell my ideas perfectly and capture the entire room.

A: What are you watching right now?

D: My husband and I just watched the Aaron Hernandez documentary. We also watched, "You." I love "24", it's one of my favorite series ever. They didn't do anything predictable. I was in college when I watched it and I bought the box set during my finals. I'll admit it wasn't my best trimester of college.

A: Do you have any kids?

D: No, I have a dog, Drake. He's a pomeranian/shih tzu mix!

A:  What's your favorite part of your job?

D: Being able to brainstorm with people. To get in a room and be able to bounce ideas off one another.

Thanks Dana! To learn more about Dana Guthrie, you can email her at:

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