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Frequently asked questions

What is Hoan’s business structure?

So what exactly would you say you do here?

You say Hoan focuses on diversity.  What does that mean?

Where did the name “Hoan” come from?

What’s up with Light the Hoan?

How big will the group get?

How are new members selected?

What is the onboarding process?

So You Want to Nominate Someone?

Will Hoan ever apply for non-profit status?

When will Hoan have a cause?

What is Hoan's mission?

What about addressing a big civic issue facing our region?

How does Hoan relate to an organization like the GMC in Milwaukee or the Chamber in Madison?  

What are the leadership committees and what do they do?

What’s the deal with The Palmer House?

Will Hoan ever have a physical home?

What have been your key challenges so far?

What’s this about “going public” in 2020?

What seems to be working so far?

What’s in store for the near future?